Q&A – Bridge House of Twyford
Bridge House of Twyford Care Home and Retirement Community Tel: 01189 340777

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there assistance available for residents when moving?

Bridge House is always willing to offer helpful advice on downsizing, or to put you in touch with companies that can help.

Do you organise social activity?

Yes. It is entirely dependent on the individual or couple, just how much you are willing to do though. The concierge team puts together a range of events, from which residents can choose to attend themed dinners, partake in film nights, get involved in trips to the theatre or even a few days on holiday somewhere.

What role does the concierge have within the community?

The team can assist residents whenever they are needed, with any issues or requests, and to welcome in visitors to Bridge House, all the while making sure the security of the residents remains paramount.


 Certainly. Both family and friends are at any time and as often as they please.

Is it possible for visitors to dine at the restaurant?

Absolutely. We encourage this as much as possible.

Are pets permitted?

Yes, small house pets are permitted.

Is there someone responsible for the day to day maintenance of the apartment?

Make contact with us first, our onsite handyman should be able to manage these.

Is domiciliary care provided if and when is it required?

At Bridge House, our team can manage all the needs of our residents with the level of care required and all done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Care packages are provided.

How do residents have a say in the running of Bridge House?

An advisory residents’ committee meets regularly to discuss the services provided and review the budget and accounts.

What fees are payable on selling the property?

We charge a transfer fee (event fee) (see Fees & charges). This provides a return on our investment in the communal facilities, and covers the costs of providing you with an estate agency service and related legal and administrative costs. You are free to engage another estate agent (at your cost) after thirteen weeks.

How do I make this decision?

We have a team that aids residents in making the transition between lifestyles as smooth and as clear as possible. We recommend surrounding yourself with the right people, those who are seeking out your best interests. A vital part of understanding whether the move is right for you or not. These might be family, close friends or professionals. There is always someone here to talk to about any aspect to this lifestyle choice. It is not something to be feared but more something to be gained.