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Assisted Living

Maintaining your independence and dignity is paramount to us, whilst ensuring that peace of mind in retirement is achieved. In doing so, we offer something called assisted living which safeguards your privacy yet allows for professional care to be called upon as and when it is needed. Assisted living incorporates a range of care services that are flexible and can be catered to each and every support you require.

The extent of these needs are to be determined by yourself and your family. Upon this discussion, we will seek to add the required professionalism to our services to ensure all the extra help is in place.

Most of our homeowners require little assistance with day to day activity but should, over time, these needs develop, we can sensitively add to their support with ease. If a move into this retirement oriented community is one of anticipation of a change in lifestyle and mobility but that is not yet apparent, the continuation of independent living is something we can help facilitate. After all, there should be no change in the manner in which residents manage themselves just living in a new and secure environment, on the doorstep of the care they may well require in the future.

The long standing nursing home, established in 1979, still remains fully functional as a well-respected and a highly regarded provider of care to those whose health needs call for a sustained period of residency. We have added to the original care home by constructing an entirely new facility that benefits from the very latest in technological advancements, as well as generous spatial standards. The new care home is bright and spacious and allows us to support people requiring nursing care, while the adjacent Grade II Listed Bridge House caters for people living with dementia in the comfort of a period country house.

Together with these optional packages, the village prides itself in the services that are offered to each and every resident.

Fresh Food

Our fine dining restaurant provides only healthy and nutritional meals, that can be catered to any dietary need should they be requested or made known. Our chefs have come from hugely successful backgrounds, having worked at some of the leading restaurants in the country and some, even private chefs to a few members of the Royal Family. At least one meal of the day should be taken here, we recommend joining us for lunch or dinner. However, there are some of those days where restrictions just seem to get the better of us and that is what our concierge service is there for – the freedom to be able to eat when you want and in the confines of your own home.


There is simply nothing more comforting than the feel of crisp, clean bed linen and newly laundered towels. An efficient service is provided to ensure we meet these requirements; we will collect, wash, iron and return on a weekly basis, or more frequently if you deem it necessary. Homeowners enjoy this luxury, being able to spend more time doing the things they love.


The team behind keeping your home in sanitary condition, do so to make certain you don’t have to. Your home will be cleaned once a week throughout and annually, we undertake a deeper clean to make certain everything is spotless and hygienic. On a day to day basis, we will empty the bins, wash the dishes and clean both the kitchen and bathroom. This same philosophy is applied throughout the entire communities’ facilities.

Social Life

In an environment bound together by residents and helpful staff, whether you are living independently or with some assistance, you will never be short of things to do. We have a huge range of activities to explore, both socially and recreationally – both driving this sense of community and togetherness we pride ourselves in. Maintaining this is key to the development of residents in what they might deem an alien environment to begin with but sure enough, will feel right at home. The activities on offer are those of group outings, dinner clubs, weekly coffee mornings, keep fit classes, special events and anything else you may want to add to this plentiful supply of possibilities and in the company of like-minded individuals. Taking part is always at your discretion but personally, we think you will have trouble staying away. If you are new to some of it, there will always be someone around to help you get involved.


Making sure you are healthy as well as happy is fundamental to the way we function as a community, encouraging living life to the fullest is what we try to promote. Retirement living is a lifestyle choice, one we want each and every resident to experience and value, and essentially not to live in fear of. Our medical team manage primary health checks regularly, measuring everything from weight to blood pressure. Secure records and medical history are kept, monitored and reviewed to make certain every resident is receiving the best quality care, if and when he or she might need it. With regard to medication and prescriptions, that can all be handled and ordered in a timely manner.


The concierge we have available and for use at your disposal is based at reception during office hours, however there will of course be someone there at all times of the day too. Our concierge advises on almost everything, welcomes visitors, deals with post and newspapers, and will help facilitate any trips that might be in discussion. Anything sent addressed to a resident will be hand delivered to your door. Bookings, coordinating social events and helping plan and manage the provision of any service required, will be left at the hands of the concierge so look no further, the assistance there is invaluable.


Twice weekly we have a complimentary vehicle available that will aid you on a shopping trip to stock up on everything you need for your home.


Increased meal provision, additional housekeeping and extra care can all be arranged to tailor a service for each and every individual.


If a resident is living independently, they are still entitled to the complete access of the comprehensive range of services we offer; they are to be used by all. As part of a bespoke package or individually tailored, is down to the individual and thus services can be added as needs develop. These are:

• Care services provided by the onsite registered domiciliary care team
• Medication management
• Housekeeping
• Laundry
• Home maintenance
• Transport and escorted outings
• Shopping
• Restaurant service with fully licenced bar
• Private catered dining facilities
• Hairdressing, beauty and health therapy